REMINGTON Beard Boss Professional

REMINGTON Beard Boss Professional
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Beard Boss Professional

The Beard Boss PRO is perfect for those who are serious about turning heads. Featuring titanium coated blades which are 300%* harder than stainless steel blades, this trimmer offers a quick and even finish.

Featuring OptiAngle design for maximum comfort and control, with superb handling, it glides across the contours of the face with total effortlessness. Cordless for ease of handling, it boasts up to 50 minutes lithium powered run time.

Thirteen pre-set length settings allow you to change the cutting length of your trimmer to suit your style. These settings include 0.4mm and 1mm when using the blade alone, ideal for precise shaping and trimming. Once you attach the comb, the settings range from 1.5mm-18mm, so whatever your style you can find the ideal trimming length to achieve the look you want. This Professional model also includes additional micro stubble settings of 2 and 2.5mm to deliver extra close results.

Achieving well-groomed facial hair has never been easier thanks to the Remington Beard Boss Professional; the ideal solution for the modern man who wants to own the moment and take complete control of his style.

Complete Control

An improved Zoom wheel (V 2.0) with advanced stubble settings and reinforced construction gives you total flexibility.

Clean Cut

With innovative Capture Trim technology, shaping and trimming your stubble and beard is a synch with these sharp, serrated blades that work to deliver a more effective, cleaner performance. So you can take total control of your style, like a true beard trimming professional.

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